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by Who's Masquerade

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"There’s a raw creativeness at the core of the music, that gives off what I’d say is the true ‘indie-rock’ experience. A completely independent release that is true to the artist’s intentions and ideas. It’s essentially what music should be about at the end of the day, and it is actually pleasing to see artists out there simply just creating music because they can." - The CD Critic

"Think of one of Picasso’s most famous paintings Guernica; the piece does not evoke pleasant emotions at all, yet it is one of the most celebrated paintings ever and oddly beautiful in its own right. This is how we must view art at times: in a binary sense. And that is how I feel about Who’s Masquerade" - Shaking Hands With Savages

"Towards the end a rhythmic, forceful drumming begins while the vocals speak over the music, asking questions and painting a picture of a man disillusioned with the world" - Gray Owl Point

This is the album.
Who's Masquerade was in the works from 2011-2013. I know that there are some wrong notes, and you'll probably notice some timing errors, you'll probably wonder what some of the non-existent time signatures that I used are, but that doesn't really bother me. I sculpted a picture in my head on how this album would turn out, and this is exactly it. These are my songs, and this is how I presented them. I'd like to thank everyone who helped out, and the people in my life that I've based this album about. Thanks.

This album is simply a story I wanted to be told.


released March 19, 2013

H. Who - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Various brass and stringed instruments
Lucas Ross - Guitar (track 3), Violin
Austen Kooy - Drums (track 10)
Jason Hatt - Choir
Jessica Turner - Choir
Courtney Bolak - Choir
Darcy Stanely - Choir
Aaron Stringer - Choir
Rosie Louise - Choir
Ashley Cipollone - Artwork
Mixing, Mastering, Recording by H. Who

Recorded in Elmvale, ON.



all rights reserved


Who's Masquerade

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Track Name: Predictions
Two months old, and full of chemicals and vaccines,
Big people talking about what I will be.
And wheres my food, and where's daddy?
And why can't they understand me?

And no one listens to me, it's so frustrating
When they'll start listening, I keep on debating
And I always wished that when I grew up,
That picture would be of me,
And when I grew up, someone took that picture again,
It was always what I wanted to be,
A clean vision of who I was, and who I am,
Who I remain, and who I'll be
And in the future I'll look back on that photo,
And I'll be happy.

A family stays together until someone fucks up,
Then it's there fault, when they're shit out of luck.
That'll be me in the future I can see,
That'll be me in the future when I can read.

I see betrayal in the shady man over there,
And I see an early death with the one with graying hair,
A graying woman will be left alone for several years after,
But for now, they gather round smiling at my laughter.

My mother will look after me, with all her love,
And I'll be grateful for everything that she does.
Now I look back and don't remember anything,
Now I look back and think what do these years mean?
Track Name: Colossal Youth, Pt. I
And I never did what I was told as a kid,
Those sort of rules were too old for those times,
I grew up being blatantly rebellious, and I think turned out just fine.
And I don't write melodies,
Those have all left me over time
The imagination I had when I was younger is no longer part of my mind.
And I don't cry anymore,
Sadness has surpassed me over time.
I don't think anything sadder than this could happen in my lifetime.

And I never looked back at what burned down,
I've forgotten what the flames looked like over time,
I don't look back at my lost possessions,
And I never look back at what isn't mine.
And I don't look back at the fire, it's the fire that looks to the back of me,
And we part with sorrow, like friends ending in a story of fantasy.

And this is the hardest night of my life,
When it's an equal match against yourself in a fight,
No one watches, and you're the only one playing,
Like in a game of your own silly departing ways.

One short breathe was all I needed,
But I had to fight for that feeling,
Petrified and crying on my own time,
In my own kind, in my old mind.

It always felt like a horrible dream that never ends,
And it's still not over, and it still won't mend,
This is it, the past is writ, this is now,
Maybe, somewhere, somehow, I'll fit in,
But not for now.
For now I'm walking in a direction I'm not familiar with,
Hoping it takes me somewhere new,
Somewhere fresh.
Where I can start over, and be successful,
First step on the ladder, and I better not fall,
If I fall, that'll be it, that'll be the end of it all.

What would ma say if she found out her son's a failure?
Or he just wants to be accepted, and does his best to please her.
It's like jumping off a mountain, just hoping to look for somewhere better,
A gamble I can hold up to, but I'm sure what I'm saying would get to her.
And all the work is in the little details that are never appreciated,
Not knowing what to think of the masterpiece that he's created.

I did drugs when I was younger,
Ma had to find out somehow,
I got drunk on the streets as a youth,
But those feelings have all left me now.
I've grown out of what my generation thinks is cool,
I've grown out of breaking all the legal rules,
Now I'm just that kid who stands by the sidelines,
Watching the time which I'm not a part of fly by,
Prospected limericks misinformed the minded,
See how these kids turn out,
Like when I learned it turned out,
They're none of my motherfucking time.
Track Name: Colossal Youth, Pt. II
You think you have the power,
Supposed adult person.
Use your brain for being dumb,
Thinking the worlds your version
Sit back, and think that your generation invented youth
Or some shit like that will be taught underneath your roof

The kids are coming up from behind,
With brains in a society that prove far better design
Jealous because we still have time, with an undecided fate
So fake....and we have a better understanding of what's real
You don't understand what we put up with,
But we'll make you feel.

We do what we like,
And we like what we do,
My violets are red
and fuck you.

Ignore the guy with the gun,
He won't shoot, no need to run (run).
Not sure what he wants to do,
That final bang was my only clue
Cop shoot kid, was front line on the newspaper it read
Kid did nothing to stop him, was just in the way it said
He was never able to get back to his crying bed,
His mother and father never said goodbye to their son,
And I never got to say goodbye to my friend.

Masterpieces being shoved into your face
Stare at them with your dumb cross-eyed confusion,
But maybe you think we'll go away in time,
Maybe you think that we're just an illusion?
But no, we're still here, remember evolution?
We're the generation after your way down.
You screwed up. You'll be fine. We're fucked over. Go fucking die.
Track Name: Dedicated To The Boy Who Taught Me How To Laugh
And we hope for our better memories to start soon, right brother?
We'll look back and ignore our past and move forward to something farther,
I'll pen my days down in a diary and read it back out one day,
Just to you, and I hope you'll understand our shared pain.

And you told me a joke, the first joke that I laughed at,
And it's not fair what happens to all the innocent.
It's not fair what happens to the people who deserve the most,
And I can't stand to watch you cry, that's always the worst.

And you couldn't stand to watch me cry,
So you taught me how to laugh,
And through the darkest times, I smiled past,
People always tell me all these positive quotes that I can't relate to,
But you told me that I could laugh at them, knowing that most of them aren't true.

If I could walk back up to you today,
All I'd say is sorry.
I'm sorry that I left when you wanted me there,
And I'm sorry for the lie that I never meant to make.
It haunts me to this day that I haven't made it up to you,
For all the years that it seems like I've betrayed you.

I guess this is a thank you that'll never be heard,
A thank you that I didn't deserve to tell,
I don't believe in any religion,
But that doesn't mean I'm not going to hell.
So I guess that means we'll never meet again,
I'm sorry, and I mean every word of that my friend.
Track Name: In Love With A Stranger
Touch your arm, gently, shaking.
Breathe, be warm, gasp at the feeling,
Know what it wants, know it's the real thing,
A colour in your eyes, looking at me with clear meaning.

Twitch, slightly, shaking,
Fall down inside, but regain feeling,
Know that you have to do something,
Look out the frosted window, look back to your eyes,
I'll never forget their meaning.

Lose air, don't care, waking,
When you have everything you want, that feeling.
Don't lose that feeling. Feel anything.
To keep it alive. The passion inside. You know what it's meaning.

And out of all people that I've known before,
Out of all the people that I fought so hard for,
Not one of them has sprung up like this in a love so true
And it scares me that I know I love you.

Gentle touches, subtle movements, shaking,
Fully take in what you're feeling,
Flying on the inside, surrounding nothing,
Sounds become simpler, and they lose all their meaning.

Lips touching, smiling, shaking,
Touching. Shaking. Don't lose that feeling.
Nothing. Nothing. Just us now.
That's it. That's all. We're here somehow.

And out of all people that I've known before,
Out of all the people that I fought so hard for,
Not one of them has sprung up like this in a love so true
And it scares me that I know I love you.
Track Name: I Want To Build A Blanket Fort With You, And We Can Live There Forever
Your complaints that I couldn't do anything about,
I hated those, cause I cared. I just had my doubts..
Understand that I'll take your hand, and take you where we can,
I promise to look after you and do my best to be your man,
I'll bring my guitar and we can make a song, the children will sing along,

But then there's her father,
Squashing her dreams like a flyswatt-,
Two steps away from my wat-,
Yelling at your offspring "CRY DAUGHTER"
Crying ringing like dying and slaughter,
You think you're a good father?
Think about it and go into foolish laughter,
And this joke isn't funny. So don't hurt her,
This rotten note is growing louder.

And yeah, I'm a fucking bastard, is that a problem?
And whenever I a have a dream, my teeth fall out,
And then I fall down,
Down whatever I can't see.
But I don't ever remember my dreams,
I just remember your screams.
Or maybe they just belong me...

My childhood is gone too, and I have nothing happy to remember it by,
So don't think you're alone hun, you can only be shot by a gun so many times
What's right in this unimaginable place?
When people fall down so low, it's always sad,
But it's even sadder when they don't get back up.

So don't be to predictable,
You'll look back on your life and see how boring it was in the end,
That's what you get, and I don't care, you're all broken in the head.
But it's okay. Cause I'm broken too. And that doesn't mend.
And two broken pieces from different things don't make anything,
So let's just prove them wrong and get married.

You wonder why everyone thinks of what was,
Not really thinking of a future, or five days a head of us.
The past seems to be more important than what'll be,
But no one really seems to care... so we'll be happy.

And I never thought that I could sing,
But here I am, in the ring,
Telling a story about a long life tale,
Hoping someone cares, just hoping someone will.
If your going to go ahead and make music,
Make it shit people will want to steal.
Fakeness is messed up in a world where everything's real,
Everything you see, everything you know, everything you feel.
Track Name: Afterlove
Watching a sinking sun has always intrigued me.
Watching it reappear is always bittersweet.

It reminds me of how time still goes on,
It reminds me of how I'm still here,
I remember what it was like to smile,
I remember when you were still here.
It reminded me of your smile,
It reminded me of when you were near,
It reminds me of how I combed your hair,
It reminds me of how your brown eyes would flare,
It reminded me of your peach red dress,
It reminded me of how I'm such a mess.

I prefer to walk in the rain than the snow,
Because it reminds me of how you could be so cold,
It's what I don't want to remember above all other things,
This kind of missing warmth isn't what it used to mean.

And in time, insanity found me in a hole,
He told his friend to pick me up
Cyanide, codeine, heroin and a match box
Don't fall on me, cause I won't get back up
Then I'll end up in the hospital with you,
Sitting beside you while I watch us both pass away,
But I could never put that burden on you,
So I'll refrain.

Misused, and out of use
Missed issues,
Too many tissues
Love abused us two,
And, miss, you,
You made us two,
Now I'm just one,
And now I miss you.
And I loved you,
and I still love you,
And you love me too,
In a love story that's not true.
Track Name: Death's Best Friend
It looks like I'm the one coming to an early death,
Greying hair, cancer, and poor health,
Sitting in a hospital bed, with my only friend, [My old friend]
She told me to be calm, even though I knew this was the end.

I was Fourteen, Four, Twelve, & Forty-Two,
Earth still has, more or less, a world-wide split view.
And Ian said he knew unknown pleasures,
Well I found those pieces of horrible treasures.
I'm here, I survived this life, and I still lived it.
I didn't listen when they told me to quit.
This is my look back, my treasure chest.
Look back at what my pen has writ.

I see a pair of blue eyes looking back,
I look forward to seeing them now,
Looking back to a photo on my shelf,
That precious image that I have of myself,
My own reflection has changed somehow.

And I see a boat on the horizon,
But it's leaving me behind,
But it's not the one drifting away from land,
It's me drifting away from mine.

And where's my only ghost supposed to go?
I'll be waving down at you saying hello,
You'll ignore me cause you won't know,
And I have nowhere to go,
Because I never had a place I called home,
I'll look for one somewhere, wherever I go,
Looking back on all the things I used to own,
Settle down in Paris, Moscow or Rome,
Maybe find some other lost souls in my lonesome,
But for now I'm in this world all alone.
Not like much has changed from moments ago,
But this is real, and the only shoulder to cry on is my own.

And I'm sorry mom about all the lies I ever told,
You didn't know about half of them, even when I was half as old,
I wish I could tell father, but I don't think he'd be able to behold...
What his sons become, with emotions just as cold.

I am.
I really am.
I really am.